Software upgrade Cisco Wireless LAN Controller

Start by transfering new code to the Wireless LAN Controller. Initiate predownloading by doing the following. Basically you’re setting the new SW as backup, and telling the APs to download the new SW, before setting the backup SW as primary.

Enabling DHCP Address Assignment Required

This will force authenticating clients to use DHCP. If clients are configured with a static IP address, they are not allowed to authenticate to the SSID.

Disabling AironetIE on Cisco Mobility Express

The Mobility Express APs from Cisco run a type of software, which also contains an onboard Wireless LAN Controller. Contrary to most standalone WLCs from Cisco (2504, 3504, 5520, and so on), the Mobility Express controller GUI is simpler and more modest. There are not as many configuration options compared to the standalone controllers.

Below is are the three CLI commands to disable AironetIE on Mobility Express controller

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Getting a C819G 4G LTE router to 4G LTE

The other day I was tasked with troubleshooting a Cisco 819G 4G router, as the customer was getting poor signal at its location. Being a newbie in the world of Network Engineering, I had never worked with one before. So when the opportunity to debug one came, I made the decision to spend some time looking into it.

Ten of these routers were bought for a customer, who required internet connectivity in remote locations, where it wasn’t possible to install a fixed line.

Saying that I had never worked with a 819G router before, is a bit of a lie. After the consultant in charge of this project left the company, I took over with configuring the routers. He had prepared a template, which was ready to be loaded on to the router. So it was easy-peasy preparing the routers when the customer was ready for the next. Or so it seemed…

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