Getting a C819G 4G LTE router to 4G LTE

The other day I was tasked with troubleshooting a Cisco 819G 4G router, as the customer was getting poor signal at its location. Being a newbie in the world of Network Engineering, I had never worked with one before. So when the opportunity to debug one came, I made the decision to spend some time looking into it.

Ten of these routers were bought for a customer, who required internet connectivity in remote locations, where it wasn’t possible to install a fixed line.

Saying that I had never worked with a 819G router before, is a bit of a lie. After the consultant in charge of this project left the company, I took over with configuring the routers. He had prepared a template, which was ready to be loaded on to the router. So it was easy-peasy preparing the routers when the customer was ready for the next. Or so it seemed…

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