Configuring Cisco Autonomous AP

This is how to set up a Cisco 2702I AP in Autonomous mode. The 2702i AP (and others) have two radios, namely Dot11Radio0 and Dot11Radio1, where the former is 2.4 GHz radio and the latter is 5 GHz.

The AP is configured with

  • Static IP on management
  • 1 SSID both on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
  • WPA2 only
  • PSK
  • AES and TKIP
  • 2.4 GHz radio
    • Channel 11
    • Disable rates lower than 12 MB/s
    • Rate 12 MB/s mandatory
  • 5 GHz radio
    • DFS channel
    • 80 MHz channel

First we assign an IP to the Access Point so we can manage it remotely, instead via console. This allows for easy management (from the couch).

Following best practice on accessing networking devices, we harden the AP. We use SSHv2 only with highest RSA encryption possible. In this case, 4096 bit encryption is the way to go.

After preparing the AP, now is the time to configure the WiFi.

Configuring wireless on a Cisco AP is performed in a two-component way. We create an SSID, and this SSID is then paired with a radio. In this fashion, we can create an SSID which is broadcasted on both radios, one SSID on the 2.4 GHz radio and one SSID on the 5 GHz radio.
In this example we will create an SSID on both radios only.

We create the SSID and its authenication methods.

Before configuring the radios, shut them down.

Now we configure the radios. For 2.4 GHz radio we do;

Next for 5 GHz radio we do;

Configuration is done, so we now open both radios again.

Remember to save our configuration. 😉