Disabling AironetIE on Cisco Mobility Express

The Mobility Express APs from Cisco run a type of software, which also contains an onboard Wireless LAN Controller. Contrary to most standalone WLCs from Cisco (2504, 3504, 5520, and so on), the Mobility Express controller GUI is simpler and more modest. There are not as many configuration options compared to the standalone controllers.

Below is are the three CLI commands to disable AironetIE on Mobility Express controller

AironetIE is part of Cisco Client Extensions (CCX), which is a proprietary attribute designed to provide better connectivity with licensed manufacturers and third party vendors. However, AironetIE may also cause connectivity issues with other clients that do not support CCX. So unless the wireless network only contains Cisco licensed clients, Best Practice is to disable AironetIE.

Per default AironetIE is enabled on the Cisco Mobility Express controller. It can not be disabled from the GUI, however it is possible via the CLI. SSH into the controller and enter the following.

Note: In order to disable AironetIE it is neccessary to disable the WLAN first. You will lose WiFi connectivity on the WLAN you are configuring. Be sure to connect to the WLC either via different WLAN, or by wired connection.

For more Mobility Express best practices, see Cisco’s documentation guide here